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Brand new system of learning for Generation Alpha
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Meaningful screen time for kids
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What is Gamely School?
Gamely School
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What makes us unique?
Gamely School
Supplements school curriculum
Gamely School
Gamely School

Based on research

We have tailored our lessons and activities by combining various learning techniques and psychological approaches. We don't make any tall claims at all, but we humbly think that these lessons will lay solid foundation to your little one's learning life.


Our learning path and curriculum aligns with Common Core Standards, which outlines learning goals on what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade. Our revolutionary learning path is comprehensive and completely supplements the syllabus which a child learns during a grade year at school

Gamely School
Gamely School

Lots and lots of content

Hundreds of lessons and activities spread across 10 levels with fun characters, interesting quests and magical lands which will keep your little one entertained and curios at the same time.

Kids and Parents love us alike

Our early adopters think this is an amazing platform for their little ones to set their foundations right and have fun at the same time.

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Kind words from our users

I highly recommend this program to all parents. My child loves the learning through stories aspect. Usually he loses interest in apps within a week. Here it is different. He has reached level 6 and going strong. Good work Gamely School.


Mother of 4 year old

We've tried many apps for our son and Gamely School has been the best so far. The lessons are really engaging. it's fun to see him learning and laughing at the same time

Mother of 5 year old

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Totally worth it!! My daughter is a big fan of this app. She has been on it for weeks and loves it. The lessons are unique and super educative. Thank you!!


Father of 4 year old